Recommended Reading on Naval/Nautical Subjects

"Grey Thunder","Southern Thunder","Southern Fire"


"Fire and Thunder"

by R. Thomas Campbell
(A history series on the CS Navy)

"White Jacket"

by Herman Melville
(A semi-fictional account of the author's experience aboard an antibellum Navy frigate)

"Man-o-War Life"

by Charles Nordhoff
(A factual account of a boy's experience aboard an antibellum Navy ship)

"History of the Confederate States Navy"

by J. Thomas Sharf

"The Lore of Ships"

edited by Sam Svensson
(good general nautical information, heavily illustrated)

"The Confederate Navy- a Pictorial History"

by Philip Van Doren Stern

"Memoirs of E. A. Jack- Steam Engineer, CSS Virginia"

by E. A. Jack

"History of the Famous Battle Between the Ironclad C.S.S. Virginia and the Ironclad Monitor"

by Richard Curtis, a man at the Gun

"The Visual Encyclopedia of Nautical Terms Under Sail"

by Crown Publishers
(also heavily illustrated)


by E. F. Knight
(also heavily illustrated)

"The Cruise of the Cachelot- Round the World after Sperm Whales"

by Frank T. Bullen
(An account a sailor's cruise aboard a whaling bark- good general sailor background info)

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