The Cumberland

USS Cumberland was a 1,726-ton sailing frigate built commissioned in 1843 at the Boston Navy Yard. She served in the Mediterranean and in the Home Squadron, sometimes as its flagship; during 1846-48 she participated in Mexican War operations. Cumberland made two cruises to the Mediterranean in 1849-51 and in 1852-55. During 1855-56, Cumberland was razee'd (converted) to a sloop of war. This allowed her to carry fewer but much heavier guns. She was flagship of the Africa Squadron in 1857-59 and again as flagship of the Home Squadron in 1860. In the spring of 1861, Cumberland was at the Gosport Navy Yard, Virginia, and when the yard was abandoned on 20 April, was towed to safety at Fortress Monroe by the steamer USS Pawnee. Thereafter, she served on Civil War blockading duty off the Confederacy's Atlantic coast, taking part in the capture of Forts Hatteras and Clark in late August 1861. Cumberland was anchored off Newport News, Virginia on 8 March 1862, when the CSS Virginia attacked the Federal warships in Hampton Roads. Cumberland was rammed and sunk by the Virginia.

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