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Crew of the USRC Harriet Lane at Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Day 2010
From left: Eric Jeanneret, John Callahan, Kurt Eberly, Allen Mordica, Brian Jackson, Justin Johnson, Connor Jeanneret, Jim Brigdon, Mike Johnson, Bill Krause, Alan Bulejcik, Fred Cook, Rick Gist


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History of the TMLHA:

The TMLHA was formed in July, 2000 by a collection of veteran reenactors and Living history interpreters from the Southeastern Virginia area who perceived a need to provide quality nautical historical presentations to the public. Our membership includes active duty, veteran and retired Marines, Navy and Coast Guard sailors, their families and friends. Our group is based in the Tidewater, Virginia area, but has members from as far away as Georgia and Massachusetts as well. Ours is currently the only Living History organization in the U.S. who portray a US Revenue Cutter crew.


The overall mission of the Tidewater Maritime Living History Association is to establish and maintain a positive and accurate image of shipboard life in the Age of Sail. Our members portray crewmembers from various merchant, naval, and revenue vessels who lived, worked, sailed and/or fought along the East Coast of the United States from it's discovery through the late 20th century.
For those portraying sailors of the Navy, Revenue Cutter Service, or merchantmen, this is accomplished by presenting maritime and Sea Service historical information and general seamanship knowledge to the public. We do this at living history demonstrations, battle reenactments, school programs, parades and memorial dedication activities, offering period naval and nautical information and training to fellow living history interpreters in the Tidewater region, and by performances of traditional sailor's music.
For those portraying Marines, we portray members of Marine Guard USS Galena, Company C, CS Marines, and other Marine units of the 1860's as needed. Our Marine unit is one of the oldest in the hobby, dating back to 1991, and has participated in Maritime events all along the Eastern Seaboard. Most notably, our Marines assembled and led the US Marine Battalion at the 150th Anniversary Bull Run battle event. With the approval of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, over 110 Marines from around the country participated in this ultimate tribute to the Civil War Marines. TMLHA's Marines participate in all relevant maritime events side by side with their Navy and Revenue Cutter shipmates. If you are interested in the “pointy end” of Maritime reenacting, contact us, or check out our Marine Forum on Facebook

Who is Eligible to Join?

Our organization is interested in mustering-in new recruits or experienced sailors and Marines. Prior sailing, boating, or military knowledge is welcomed but not required, as we will train "landsmen" in the Sailor's or Marine's trades. The most important things a new member needs to bring with them are a love of nautical and naval history, a desire to teach and/or learn the old-time Sailor's or Marine's arts, and a willingness to be involved in interacting with the public in a living history environment. For the experienced reenactor/living history interpreter, most of your kit is usable in a Naval or Marine impression (see our BlueJacket's Manual in the Reference Articles Section for details).
This living history educational organization accepts enlistees regardless of age, (subject to limits outlined below) gender and race. Interested parties may enlist as sailors or civilians, the sole limitation being that young adults under eighteen must be accompanied in their enlistment by a responsible parent or guardian. Members aged sixteen to eighteen may participate without limits at appropriate reenactment events with parental consent and presence, and members thirteen to sixteen years of age may serve in a limited capacity as ship's boys, and/or as functional military musicians in the field, also with parental consent and presence.
(The Tidewater Maritime Living History Association does not tolerate discrimination by any of its members toward any religious or ethnic segment, or any organization that does likewise, nor any who advocate the overthrow the United States Government.)

TMLHA members currently portray sailors from the following ships:

USS Monitor

(Hampton Roads events)

USS Cumberland

(Hampton Roads events)

USS Congress

(Hampton Roads events)

USRC Harriet Lane

(Hampton Roads/North Carolina events)

USS Miami, Tacony, Wyalusing or Shamrock

(Hampton Roads/North Carolina events)

USS Aroostook

(Hampton Roads events)

USRC E.A. Stevens (AKA Naugatuck)

(Hampton Roads events)

USS Galena

(Hampton Roads events)

How to Contact Us:

If you have questions on 19th Century nautical or naval topics, if you would like information about our event schedule, or if you would like further information about signing on in the crew, please take a moment to sign the Visitor's Log below -or- contact us at:

Tidewater Maritime Living History Association
P.O. Box 16276
Chesapeake, VA 23328-6276
Tel- (757)373-6769

Please come back regularly to visit, as the site is continually undergoing improvements, updates and additions.

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